Swagger Rite Drops "Like That" Video

Swagger Rite Drops 'Like That' Video
West-end Toronto rapper Swagger Rite has shared a brand new single — his second release this year — titled "Like That," alongside a lockdown-shot music video.

Moving away from his customary trap beats, Rite has shifted in the direction of downtempo, melodic rap on his new Allan Edwards-produced track.

"I was vibing in the studio one day when the hook came to me... just 'Like That,'" he explained in a statement. "I had to make this a smash! I always got a lot on my mind. When you live the life that I live there will always be people who want what I have...but they can't get it how I get it because I am blessed!"

Last month, Rite shared his powerful single "Sticky." So far, neither track is attached to a forthcoming record. Stay tuned as we await new material from the artist.

Watch the new video for "Like That" below, where you can also stream the track in full.