Angels & Airwaves Go on a TikTok Dance Rampage in Las Vegas

It's the latest preview of Tom DeLonge and co.'s album 'Lifeforms'
Angels & Airwaves Go on a TikTok Dance Rampage in Las Vegas
Wait, is it TikTok or Tic Tac? Either way, there's a Tom DeLonge-directed video for the new Angels & Airwaves single "Losing My Mind." It comes ahead of the band's new album Lifeforms, which arrives in September.

Assisted by TikTok dance influencer Rampage, DeLonge gets back to his roots by playing a sleazy character named Disco — reminiscent of his alter-ego Boomer from the Blink-182 video for "First Date."

"Hey, you hear that?" Disco whispers to his young, rainbow-haired protégé at the start of the night. "That's the sound of naked women."

The two go forth to make their descent on the Las Vegas strip, taking in the sights (a gas station!) and dancing all the way while DeLonge sings lyrics lamenting the "Idiots abound / And they're all fucking racist." Well, attempting to lose yourself to dance (for the clout, of course) definitely doesn't seem uncalled for in these trying times. But, as DeLonge reminds, "We're all gonna die."

Watch the video for "Losing My Mind" below if you happen to find yourself already down the rabbit hole of that titular state. What's the worst that could happen?

Lifeforms arrives on September 24 via Rise Records.