Armstrong MetalFest Gears Up for 2018 Edition with Kataklysm, Sarah Longfield, Archspire

Armstrong MetalFest Gears Up for 2018 Edition with Kataklysm, Sarah Longfield, Archspire
Armstrong MetalFest is coming back for a 2018 edition, and the BC fest has revealed its lineup.

The 2018 lineup will feature more than 30 bands performing on July 13 and 14 at the Hassen Arena in Armstrong, BC. The headliners include Kataklysm, Sarah Longfield, Archspire and the Kennedy Veil.

You can see the full lineup below.

Festival co-founder Jesse Valstar had this to say in a statement:

Everyone in West Metal Entertainment Society has put in the extra effort in making this year the best year we have ever had. Celebrating 10 years of this festival is a big deal! There were people who were quite skeptical about the event when it first originated, some even went as far as to say "it would never work" and that "it won't last." Now ten years later, the tone overall is very welcoming and has been for many years! 

This year's line up brings together a good mix of bands that have never played and fan favorites. Kataklysm has been a band we have sought after over the years and have finally booked! It's great timing also with them releasing a new album in June!  This year's Armstrong Metalfest is a milestone for us. We have successfully made it to a decade of metal in the Okanagan!

You can learn more about the event and passes here.

Armstrong MetalFest 2018 Lineup:


Sarah Longfield (Wisconsin)

Archspire (Vancouver)

The Kennedy Veil (Sacramento)

Odinfist (Armstrong)

Begrime Exemious (Edmonton)

Neck of The Woods (Vancouver)

XUL (Vernon)

Road Rash (Vancouver)

Blackwater Burial (Vancouver)

Gladius Sky (Vernon)

Apollyon (Vancouver)

Gatekeeper (Vancouver)

The Hallowed Catharsis (Vancouver)

Apprentice (Vancouver)

DropDeadFred (Kelowna)

Concrete Funeral (Calgary)

Endless Chaos (Winnipeg)

ArkenFire (Kelowna)

Detherous (Calgary)

Plaguebringer (Calgary)

Protosequence (Edmonton)

Torrefy (Victoria)

Trollband (Vancouver/Edmonton)

Illyrian (Calgary)

Nomad (Enderby)

Irradiation (Kelowna)

Earth's Ashes (Red Deer)

Giants Arise (Mission)

Throne of the Dead (Prince George)

Death Machine (Kelowna)

Tides of Kharon (Edmonton)

Displaced (Kelowna)

Anarcheon (Vancouver)

Bring Your Own Bodies (Lethbridge)

Breaking The Silent (Edmonton)

Forsaken Rite (Edmonton)