Descendents Call Donald Trump an "Asshole Twitter Troll" on New Song "That's the Breaks"

Descendents Call Donald Trump an 'Asshole Twitter Troll' on New Song 'That's the Breaks'
The punk oracles suggested that a Donald Trump presidency would be good for the genre, and the last four years have mostly proven them wrong. Soon, there will be no more reason for bands to sing variations of "orange man bad," but proto-pop-punk lifers Descendents have managed to squeak out one last blast at the president.

The new song "That's the Breaks" is a track about Donald Trump, but they don't name him. Instead, they constantly refer to him as an "asshole Twitter troll." Saving the fact that Trump was banned from Twitter for life earlier this month, it's also really weird to hear a band say the word "Twitter" so many times on a song that sounds like classic, hardcore-inflected punk.

Here's what Descendents frontman Milo Aukerman had to say about the tune:

Loser. Big time loser. Delusional loser. SORE loser. The time has come. The time is now. Just go, go, GO. I don't care how. Donald J. Trump, will you please go now!What's it gonna take? A gazillion dollars? (Oh wait, you already grifted that from supporters)... A get out of jail free card? (Only if our judicial system totally fails us)... A wooden stake through the heart? Whatever we can do to make you go away, we need to do it. And I don't mean just leave the White House, I mean crawl back into your hole of hate and live out the rest of your life as a nobody. A loser. Because that's what you are. Worst. President. Ever.

Listen to "That's the Breaks" below via a lyric video.