Did Elon Musk Just Confirm That Grimes Is Pregnant?

He has shared a pregnancy meme
Did Elon Musk Just Confirm That Grimes Is Pregnant?
There were already rumours going around that Grimes was pregnant again — but now Elon Musk has added fuel to the fire by sharing a pregnancy meme.

Musk shared a meme from the anime show Neon Genesis Evangelion, which shows someone holding a positive pregnancy test along with the caption "I need to talk to you privately."
Musk didn't offer any explanation, so it's not clear what this all means. It's entirely possible that he has impregnated someone else, that he's intentionally trolling people, or that he simply thought the meme was funny. But, given that Grimes already hinted at pregnancy with an Instagram post showing a baby bump, the evidence seems to be falling into place.

Last year, Musk said that he and Grimes were "semi-separated" but were still on good terms and saw each other regularly. It's unclear what the current status of their relationship is.