Logic Festival d'été de Quebec, Quebec QC, July 12

Logic Festival d'été de Quebec, Quebec QC, July 12
Photo: Renaud Philippe
Every crevice of Festival d'été de Québec's main festival grounds was taken up by music fans of all ages on Friday night (July 12), and it was their main headliner that kept them all there.
Logic, a Maryland rapper who has gained a cult-like fan base since his early mixtapes in the 2010s, came to the stage with nothing but energy, diving straight into his 44-bar single, "44 More."
With the crowd erupting in excitement, the quick-spitting rapper took a break to thank them and acknowledge Quebec City before rolling through his setlist. From "Everybody" and "Icy" to "Mama" and "Keanu Reeves," Logic performed both deep cuts for his day-one fans and more popular singles for the new ones. He also paid homage to the artists before him, performing "Wu-Tang" and a special version of "Homicide" over Eminem's "Forgot About Dre," as well as "Under Pressure" blended into "We Will Rock You." Not only did it keep things interesting, but also piqued the ears the curious older generations in the crowd.
Taking short breaks to catch his breath, the young rapper spoke to the crowd once again, acknowledging the birthday of a fan and encouraging the crowd to start singing "Happy Birthday." It was a pure moment for a crowd who'd long been waiting for Logic to come to the stage.
It's hard to imagine having as much energy as Logic while performing as quickly as he does, but he found the balance and became a crowd-pleaser for both his young fans and the parents who brought them. That, of course, is the visionary in him.