Village People Are Happy Trump Is Gone So He'll End "His Abusive Use" of Their Music

The group say they're planning to advocate for changes to copyright law
Village People Are Happy Trump Is Gone So He'll End 'His Abusive Use' of Their Music
Henri Belolo with the Village People (third from right) Photo: Scorpio Music
As ex-president Donald Trump sailed off into the abyss — or as some would call it, Florida — yesterday morning (January 20) to the tune of Frank Sinatra's "My Way," fans and family remarked at the irony of sticking with a song by a man who apparently "loathed" him. Also on the soundtrack for yesterday's farewell was Village People's "Y.M.C.A.," yet another song Trump has used repeatedly against the wishes of its creators.

Speaking with TMZ, Village People shared their disappointment at Trump's repeated use of their 1978 hit, but expressed delight at the fact that he probably won't have many opportunities to use it now that he's out of office.

"We asked him to cease and desist long ago. However, since he's a bully, our request was ignored," Village People said.

"Thankfully he's now out of office, so it would seem his abusive use of our music has finally ended," they continued. "We hope to spearhead a change in copyright law that will give artists and publishers more control over who can and cannot use our music in the public space. Currently, there is no limit to blanket licensing."

The song played loudly in the moments leading up to Trump and former first lady Melania Trump's departing flight on Air Force One at the Joint Base Andrews air base in Maryland. Take a look at the surreal scene below.